Please read before you post items for sale.


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Aug 11, 2004
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If you are trying to sell your product please post it in the Business to Business B2B. Even though your item may be related to this category the proper place for it is in the B2B.
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I don't think I would have a problem with that as long as you don't go over board and start replying to every post with a link to your thread in the B2B. This is only if someone is making a query in relation to a product that you are selling in the B2B. In order to make this easy for everyone please copy and paste the URL from your item you are listing in the B2B in your reply to them. Please keep your message brief as your advertisement has already been listed in the B2B section.

However if anyone abuses this and starts dropping replies to all the other threads on here I will put an end to it abruptly and that person will be banned for 1 week. Further abuses will be followed by harsher penalties. Please keep this in mind when you are adding your replies.

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