Pleeeaase help!!


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Dec 29, 2007
Gold Coast, Australia
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Im trying to decide what coffee machine to get....

I started with with instant, then went to using fresh beans and a french press, then i''ve bought a filter coffee machine (which is what im using now).

I''ve found that I can get just as nice a cup of coffee out of a filter machine than the french press...(probably due to inexperience).

I came inches away from buying the ''Gaggia Baby Twin'' yesterday then pulled out at the last minute.

Can anybody help me to decide whether an espresso machine is right for me?

For starters, I dont really enjoy espresso shots. I would be using the machine mainly for cappucinos for my wife, and macciattas for me (spelling?) Basically a double shot with a bit of milk.

How would a double shot from the espresso machine with a bit of milk compare to a filter coffee with a bit of milk?? :shock:

Thanks alot for any help :)



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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Have you considered the reason for you not liking espresso is that maybe what you've had wasn't prepared properly? We can't tell you if you're going to like a machine or not.

You do have to consider the cost, maintenance, need for a grinder, etc.

A double shot with milk would blow away anything from a drip machine or even a French press it terms of intensity and flavor profile. The Baby Twin is a nice machine and would serve you well. You can do lots of coffee based drinks with a nice machine and you might find something that you like better than anything else you previously tasted. You can also use hot water from the machine to dilute the shot to make it a little more mild, but still have the strong taste. Later!