PR - Making your own chocolate syrups?


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Jul 29, 2008
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Michael Szyliowicz of Mont Blanc Gourmet offers tips on his blog for those wanting to make their own chocolate syrup. He discusses the following points:

1. Consistency is the hallmark of any successful café, so having a consistent chocolate drink is equally as important.
2. You will need to make the syrup fresh every day.
3. Portion control is important and can be a challenge.
4. A successful mocha is a unique mocha.
5. Take a careful look at cost.

And offers these questions for consideration:
• Is there any waste or mess when mixing the product?
• Can your employees measure a precise amount every time?
• How long does the mixture keep before a fresh batch needs to be made?
• How consistent is the product, and is it made the same way each time by every employee?

The complete blog post offers tips and food for thought on each of the above points. You do coffee cuppings, so why not try a blind tasting to get a unique mocha?

You can check out Szyliowicz's blog - and consider some syrup samples - at