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Sep 12, 2004
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Press Release Sep. 2017

20 years of research and development make Roastmaxtor the most advanced shop roaster today. RoasterG-e1488123027335.png

All our machines are fully automatic and computer controlled.

RoastMaxtor are coffee roasters with a 100 percent process control.

This guaranties that you can reproduce your roasting specifications
batch by batch over and over again, always the same roast quality.

Austrian design and control ensure quality of workmanship.
20 years of experience are backing our products.
RoastMaxtor is a perfect roaster for you if you want to roast precise
to your own specification.

It is a fully automatic roaster that requires minimum maintenance
and will reproduce roasting specifications batch by batch.

Once programmed, everyone can roast which eliminates having
expensive specialists on your pay-roll.

The flexibility and precision of this machine is second to none
and the built in cooling will cool the beans within 3 minutes to
preserve the exact roasting profile you have chosen.

RoastMaxtor was designed as a tool for laboratories of industrial
roasters to develop roasting profiles for the specific varieties of beans.
Once a Roasting profile is stored roasting is as easy as pressing a button.


  1. It saves you a big amount of time once you have set your roasting profiles anyone can operate the roaster
  2. Easy to use
  3. Small size foot print
  4. Consistent roasting quality output batch by batch
  5. One-year warranty on all electrical parts and a 10 year warranty on all other parts*
  6. Very attractive piece of equipment
  7. Roast while you cool
  8. Touch screen panel data input
  9. Computer controlled
  10. Automated Cooling

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Thank you, questions are most welcome.

*Check our website for details.