Premium Arabica Coffee Bean !


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Jun 7, 2013
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Hi Everyone,
We have got a big about of Premium Arabica Coffee Bean from Thailand ( about 50 tons for this year). We will have got Premium Arabica Coffee Beans for exporting more than 500 tons next year.

We have recently taken responsibility for exporting Fair Trade Certified Arabica Coffee By Farmers of Co-operatives in North of Thailand.

Contently, Our product is " Premium Green Arabica Coffee Beans" which is certified by international fair trade and organic organisations and are exported worldwide.

We are glad to send you " Premium Arabica Coffee Bean Sample" for your consideration.

Thippakorn Thetphakdee
TIPUS Trading Limited Company
13/12 Jarodvititong, Sawankhalok Sukhothai
Thailand 64110

Contact us;
Tel: +66-88-268-2294
Fax: +66-55-643-113