💵 For Sale Probat L-12 Coffee Roaster


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Apr 16, 2023
Weston, Wi
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1994 Probat L-12 Coffee Roaster for sale. Rebuilt in 2007 by the late Victor Allen Mondry. It has a high performance bean thermometer for precise roasting. This legendary machine can roast 60-90 pounds of green coffee an hour and is perfect for someone who wants to get started as a roaster wholesaler. It was converted to propane but can easily be converted back to natural gas. I have roasted nearly 4000 batches in this workhorse. It is simple, extremely well-built and easy to maintain. The discoloration you see in the photos is from regular roasting and easy to clean off. I was not able to give it a through cleaning before I put it into storage. Roaster is in north-central Wisconsin, is professionally crated and ready to ship anywhere. Asking $24,000 or reasonable offer. Email me at [email protected] if you have serious interest.


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