Probat L12 Coffee Roaster-1992 - $25,000


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Sep 7, 2010
Oakland, CA
Probat L12 - 1992 model. This is an original unmodified 1992 US model L12. It is a 240v version set up to run on natural gas. The roaster was used in a cafe setting for over 25 years. It is in original condition with no major hacks or modifications. It is a single motor version with no VFD, and has not been set up with any temperature probes other than the original high limit probe in the upper exhaust.

I purchased this roaster from the original owner a few months ago intending to perform some deferred maintenance and repair/replace a couple of items that can be seen in the photos. I have since purchased a larger roaster and don't have any immediate need for the L12 at this time. If I were to keep it I would replace the broken exhaust thermometer, and the missing drum door handle. I’d recommend a full service, including new belt, and chains, lubrications/flushing bearing races, etc. I’d also replace the pinion gears on the cooler arm drive which typically wear on these L12’s. Aside from that it is my understanding that the roaster was used regularly until early last year in the original cafe and that it was fully operational when decommissioned.

This is really a decent machine for someone who is knowledgeable and looking for a Probat L12 and willing to put very little effort into making it fully correct.

Front Close Up(sm).jpgFront profile(sm).jpgSide wide(sm).jpgBack open(sm).jpgBack with panel(sm).jpgGas valve(sm).jpgInfo panels(sm).jpgElectrical panel(sm).jpg