For Sale Gene Cafe Roaster


New member
Jun 14, 2022
Selling my used Gene Cafe purchased 2018 from Majesty coffee. The roast chamber has cracked glass (cracked on second roast) for no apparent reason. I never replaced because there were no gaps in the glass to worry about leaks. Complete chamber is available if that matters.

I also have a second heater element that I purchased thinking my original was going bad. It would get to 460 then seemed to slow there getting to 482. The new element did not change that. I am also including a YouTube link to a dry run I did with the roaster a couple of days ago.

I also have a Variac (the big red Chinese models) that I will let go with the roaster for free but only if I sell roaster local.

Time was set for 20 min for the dry run to help with count down.

Asking $390 for local pickup. Shipping to CONUS only and will be based on actual location.