For sale: 2009 Toper TKMS-5 (5kg) Roaster (Canada, CSA)


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Feb 13, 2017
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This roaster was lightly used until we bought it in 2017. It had been purchased for use in Quebec grocery stores, but was never truly implemented (maybe 1 hour a week roasting).
After we bought it, we started up our coffee roasting company and have used this roaster ever since. We are selling it as we have upgraded to a 12kg roaster.

The roaster comes with a control panel, chaff collector, newish drum and motor bearings (2017), USB interface (Phidget 1048, can work with Artisan or Cropster). It has a newish 1/2" gas line with manometer (2017), that can use Natural Gas or Propane. It has the stock drum temperature probe and an aftermarket environment probe. There are 4 motors (mixer, cooler, drum, and exhaust), so you are able to roast while cooling. The drum motor was replaced in 2018.

FYI for Canadians: CSA is important. If you are buying a roaster without a CSA sticker, you will need to get it inspected by an engineer (and hopefully it passes, otherwise you have to fix the issues). Without CSA you cannot get permitted (and no permit, means no insurance, which means no business).

This is an excellent roaster for getting started or for scaling up from a hobby business.

Depending on roast and beans, you can quality roast about 15 kg/hr. The roaster has been well maintained since we purchased it, with appropriate heating up and cooling down before shut off. We took care to always keep it clean and greased. It has never had anything close to a roaster fire.

The cost is $16,000 CAD. At this price we will throw in some fun stuff, like a crate and will ship it anywhere in Canada (within reason, no airlifts!). We can discuss who covers shipping insurance and GST.

Other perks to consider: We will provide PDF documents of all our records, including Toper manuals. We will include the Canadian Toper contact (for parts) and the Turkish Toper contact. We will also provide some assistance with setting up the roaster and we will answer any questions about running a coffee roasting business and provide any contacts or guidance that you may need (green beans, bags, equipment, etc).

This roaster is currently located in northern Canada.

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