Problem with Solis Maestro Plus!


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Oct 27, 2004
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Have owned Solis Maestro Plus for about five months. Basically grind about 4 scoops of french roast or espresso- type beans a day on or about the "drip" setting. I clean it every week.

Day by day it has become increasingly more difficult to feed coffee into the burrs as if one bean is blocking everything. The motor whines as if the hopper is empty and you have to 'push' and 'sweep' the coffee into the conical burs or everything would just sit there while the motor whines.

Anyone have an idea what's what? After five months of very easy use - I can't believe the burr is dull -- especially with that huge worm gear on the other side. It's almost like the coffee beans are too big to fit between the burrs -- even on drip - but it happens with various types of coffee.

P.S. I love it when it works.