Profit margins on green beans???


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Dec 17, 2006
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I am a potter in NC and in my studio/retail gallery, I'm considering adding green beans w/ instructions to enhance my sales of coffee and latte mugs. Packaging, amts and other details , I will work out asthe idea becomes more complete.
My question to the group is about wholesale cost of green beans. From the several web-sites that I have visited, the price seems in the $4.50-$6.50 /lb range with Kona in the $22-$24. range. Is this, even though ref to as "wholesale", a low volumne WS and that price breaks occur in the bag/50 lb + area. Is there a rough breakdown of price to vol/lbs that i can use as an indicator what amt I need to sell to see if it is worth while.
The restaurant here in town buys a brand that cost $2.95/lb/24 bag box of roasted beans(not a speciality bean obvously).
I'm hoping to fine a way to increase my pottery sales by this value added method. Thanks for your thoughts. Wyndham