Promote Sumatran Fair Trade Coffees to Aid South Asia


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Jan 2, 2005
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Like many people, I've looked for ways to help assist those in South Asia who were affected by the recent disaster. And as a coffee lover, the Sumatra region is obviously well known to me.

So, I decided to put together a directory of Sumatran "fair trade" coffees which can be ordered online and which (should) benefit the local Indonesian growers the most.

As a coffee-focused community, I wanted to invite both your feedback and support. If there are other coffees that should be added to the list -- or if you have reviewed/experienced some and wish to recommend them -- please drop me a line with your suggestions. I would also ask you to consider supporting and promoting this concept: why not ask your friends and coworkers to "Buy Sumatran" in January and point them at fair trade coffees?

The URL to my posting of the directory is ... php#001631 Please feel free to cut-and-paste any or all of the information I have collected to other sites if you so choose; maximum visility for the idea (not my site) is the highest goal here.

Thanks for your time and attention...

N.Z. Bear
The Truth Laid Bear