Question about a SuperAuto + Sludgy, Watery Coffee Grinds


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Mar 16, 2014
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Hi Fellow Coffee Fiends!

I have a vexing problem with my super-automatic that I'd be grateful for any help/advice/insight into. My Saeco Odea Giro Plus has been chugging along happily for nearly 3 years now, but in the past few months I've noticed that instead of dispensing a perfectly-shaped, dry coffee grind pellet into the dregdrawer, the product is now watery and sludgy so much so that the pellet no longer holds its shape. I've tried spying on the brew group with the service door ajar, and noticed that after the coffee has been made, the water that usually gets dispensed only into the water compartment in the dregdrawer is now also going into the compartment where the coffee grind pellet goes, hence the sludginess. All problems considered, this is not a terrible issue as the actual coffee dispensed tastes great, is still at high temperature but I'm concerned that the brew group is starting to fail or there's a leak where it shouldn't be. I've fiddled with the brew group to see if everything's working as it should, as far as my layperson, non-mechanic eyes can see there are no obvious problems but I really am flying blind here hence the post here to get some help! Has anyone encountered a similar problem before? Are there any checks or fixes I can do to return my brew group to how it was dispensing the grinds before? Or is sludginess the way of the future now... :-?
Open your manual and call Saeco, they will work with you over the phone for most of your small problems if they think its something more they will point you in the direction needed to get it fixed.

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