Question about smallest stovetop espresso maker


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Dec 16, 2020
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I have two Grosche stovetop espresso makers. One is the 9 cup, and one is the 6 (the smallest one they make).

I've perfected the art of using the larger one, which is called the 9-cup, which makes two cups of espresso that we use in cappuccinos.

My results in the 9 cup maker are pretty consistent now. I use 37-38 gm ground beans depending on the type of bean and fill the water receptacle with very cold water to just under the valve. At exactly halfway between high and low on the burner (my stove does not have marked temperature levels on the dials) the coffee takes around 5 minutes to brew and tastes almost as good as coffee shop cappuccinos.

My problem is that sometimes I just want to brew enough for one cappuccino, and that's where I am having trouble. I use the 6-cup maker and 25 gm ground coffee, with one cup of cold water. The coffee always comes out tasting more bitter than it does in the larger device. It's not stronger, it's just not good. I can't taste any of the tasting notes in the coffee. I'm pretty sure that it's because it brews so much faster because of the smaller volume of water. In the smaller device at the same burner level, the coffee is brewed in about 2 1/2 minutes.

When using the smaller device, should I be using a much lower temperature to slow down the brewing process to five minutes? Does anyone have any insights to offer on this issue?

Many thanks in advance.
I would slow down your brew time and reduce the heat on your burner. See what happens if you can slow down the brew time to the same 5 minutes it takes for the 9 cup. If the coffee tastes better, then you have your answer. I would never suggest fixing something that isn't broken. But everything I've heard about the moka pots is that you should fill the resevoir with hot water before putting it on the stove. I was able to improve the taste of my coffee when I changed from cold to hot water. Anyway, good luck.