Question about storage of coffee in coffee shops.


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Sep 9, 2006
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Reading another thread reminded me of a question I have had for quite a while. Most bulk coffee I see is stored in relatively open containers. I see it in plastic bins with a hopper in the bottom at super markets and health food stores. I'm sure that the exposure to air and light doesn't do it much good. I have been in some coffee shops were the coffee beans are stored in open bins. I would imagine that some of the coffee beans sit like that for weeks.

Wouldn't the coffee that comes in air tight and light proof packages generally keep better? Also, there seems to be some controversy over storing coffee in the freezer. Any ideas regarding that?


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Aug 22, 2006
Columbus, OH
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Whole bean coffee should stay fresh for at least 3 weeks. Just make sure that the store you buy from always has fresh product, and only buy what you will use within a week or two. As for how to store it, an air tight container works great. I keep my coffee in the tin tie coffee bags provided at the coffee house, and store it right beside my french press.