Question regarding a BREVILLE BREBES870XL


New member
Oct 15, 2018

I just bought a brand new Breville Barista Express and so far I am loving it! However, I am running into a slight glitch and was wondering if any of you good people have some thoughts on the matter.

My husband prefers americanos, and I like cappuccinos. So that's a lot of extra water that I am drawing from the machine. So typically, I will start with priming the machine with a single shot of just water. Then I will fill his cup with hot water from the machine. Then I will pull the double shot. It comes out perfect. Then I'll steam my milk for my cappuccino. Once done, I'll pull the double shot. That last shot seems to come up short. It takes a really long time to come through and it doesn't appear to be the usual amount.

Does anyone know what is happening?

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