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Sep 21, 2005
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Hi everybody,

I am brand new on your site, and also brand new in the coffee business... that means I didn't start one yet! :) So, I am just looking for advices, guidance because I really think I would enjoy owning my own coffee shop.
My business experience is not too good, so I am looking at some franchises now... And here comes the first question:
1. Does anyone know anything about "Second Cup", "Blenz", "Maui Wowi", or "Scooter's Coffee House" ??? Any direct experience, anyone that is already a franchisee at one of these companies???
The other question... A friend of mine is starting a distribution business with a company called "Cafe Del Rey".
It is mostly about placing some display racks in stores and making money when people actually buy that specific coffee... What I mean is that he does not sale the coffee to the stores, he just places the coffee in stores and makes money only when the coffee sales. This looks to me almost like a vending machine business... And here is the second question:
2. Anyone ever heard of this company, or of this way of selling coffee???
Well, that's it for now, I am impatiently waiting for your answers...
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One more thing... I am also looking into getting my own coffee shop without the help of any franchise. I found this site:
Anyone knows anything about these guys? They look real... Please let me know.
I dont' know a whole lot about the crimson cup people, so I'm sorry about that.

I am familiar with scooter's coffee, they have around 36 stores in Omaha, NE who are all making decent money, and I feel that they are a strong business with a decent brand.

You may want to look for alternatives to franchising, however. A franchise tends to dictate a lot of the way that you do business, they want to have control of the look/layout of your shop, they require you to put in special equipment that you might not need, if you think of a way to serve a better cup of coffee it will most likely fall on deaf ears.

If you do a google serch for "Coffee Shop Franchise Alternatives" you will find hundreds of places that will sell you the equipment, merchandise, product, and training. These tend to be less expensive then purchasing a franchise; however, you will have to work on the brand and advertising yourself. In return you have complete control over how your business is ran, and it will lower your bottom line by putting the franchise fee and royalties right back into your pocket.

My other suggestion, since you mentioned that youare not very good in business, is to read this article that I wrote for coffee stratagies to make sure that you are ready for business: ... ly-for-you

Best of luck to you, and I hope you find all the information that you need.
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Thanks a lot FireCracker... Really appreciate your response. Especially because you are the only one to take some time...

Thanks again,