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Aug 30, 2006
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I've been using an inexpensive Krups Brava espresso machine now for a couple of years and was never really happy with the quality of the shot.

I'll be getting a Breville Cafe Roma espresso machine and I think it has much more potential than the Krups. I've found some good information on how to make a good espresso online, but I have a few other questions:

- Grinder - I have a Braun kmm30, it's an inexpensive burr grinder and it does work, but it's a pain to clean. Do you have to clean it after each use?

- Coffee - I usually buy the Lavasa (sp?) brick in the supermarket, I've bought Starbucks beans and have grinded them before a shot, but never really noticed much of a difference (I know it's not a simple answer), but are bricks like these capable of yielding a good shot, or do you have to buy beans, store properly, grind and use right away, etc?

- Use of the machine - I've read that you should 'pre warm' the machine before pulling a shot, so does this mean I put some water in the tank, run it through without the espresso, then pour more water in, then use with espresso? If this means something else, please explain.



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Feb 21, 2006
Statesboro, GA
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If you have the money buy a burr grinder. If not a regular grinder should do fine for you.

Find a Whole Bean espresso roast: there really is no comparision between whole bean fresh coffee and pre-ground

You are correct about pre-warming your machine. This should be done.
if it hasn't been used in a while. I do the same w/ my drip coffee maker