R.I.P. Ron Kyle


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Apr 28, 2008
Loganville, GA
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Ron Kyle the maker of the RK Drum BBQ roaster passed away yesterday. Some of you as myself started roasting larger quantities in one of Ron's drums. He was a great guy and knowledgeable about roasting in this manner.

There is a message about his death and a forum to pay your respects at his site: http://www.rkdrums.com/

My thoughts and prayers are with Ron's family today.



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Feb 20, 2007
Clearwater, Fl
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I met Ron a few years ago at a home roaster event in the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina. I found him to be an honest and straightforward individual, with a product that filled a unique niche between hot air home roasters and commercial drum roasters. I enjoyed our discussion that day very much, and am immensely sorry to see that he has passed. Fair winds and follwing seas Ron.

Terry Davis
Ambex, Inc