Rancilio Kathy - I need some input about this machine...


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Oct 12, 2007
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Okay, so I have the La Cimbali Jr machine at home and have been making coffee drinks for my friends. Now they all want a home "pro" machine for their homes. I came across this machine and was wondering if there is a write-up for it. This machine is approximately 10 years old and is in great condition. The person is asking $1000 for it (a bit steep in my eyes).

Please provide your input regarding the specs, likes, dislikes etc. of this machine.

Please also give a suggestion as to what this machine should sell for.

Thank you in advance.

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Aug 11, 2004
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The Rancilio Kathy was nothing more then a Silvia with a Rocky grinder built in. You can buy a new Silvia with Rocky Doser for less then $1,000 at 1st line.

http://www.1st-line.net/cgi-bin/categor ... type=store

Heck I'll sell you a combo for the same price plus shipping.

I bought my mother in-law a Rancilio Silvia and a Rocky doserless grinder for mothers day this year. (Yes I'm a suck up) For the most part they are a great combination. Buying the Silvia without a good grinder is like buying a new car with bald tires. I tried getting away without the Rocky but couldn't grind espresso fine enough.

Now trying to compare a Cimbali Junior DT/1 to a Rancilio Silvia is like comparing apples to oranges. A Junior will beat a Silvia hands down.

Here what separates them.

Junior 2.5 liter boiler
Silvia .3 liter boiler

Junior 1700 watt element
Silvia 800 watt element

Junior plumbed in
Silvia 2.6 quart water tank

Junior Volumetric Dosing
Silvia Manual on/off

Junior Lists for $4,720
Silvia Lists for $850

As you can see the Junior really is a low end commercial machine and a Silvia was destined to be a home unit. Nothing more nothing less. That doesn't mean the Silvia won't produce good espresso. On the contrary it makes great espresso. But your only going to be able to steam 1 drink at a time. Then you have to run the group to refill the boiler so you can make more steam. That will eat up 3 minutes.