Rancilio Rockey doser has issues


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May 29, 2008
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Hello, nice forum you got here. :) My wife and I run a small shop in southern Vermont. It''s our 2nd operation, about 600 sq/feet.

My issue is my doser that gets used about 45 times a day on average.
For 6 months no issues, yesterday it all started to go wrong.

This doser has 6 lever pulls to spin the auger inside one full rotation. It is getting hung up on the last pull for coffee and will not advance. The center shaft that the whole mechanisim rotates on appears a bit lose as well. Other then the one spot that stops the rotation everything else seems normal.

If I encourage the auger past the weak spot it work fine until it comes back around to that one spot. Any ideas? I expect I''ll have to open it up.
Wanted to try this option before getting in touch with the vendor.

Thanks for any advice etc.

http://www.rancilio.com/img/rancilio/un ... 0Parts.pdf

My best guess there is something wrong with the cam. Open the pdf file and look at the break down for #16. Anyway you can take it apart and troubleshoot it.

I guess the thing that is bothering me the most is why you are even using a Rocky grinder in the first place.

The Rocky was designed for home use. Its basically a stripped down MD 40. The MD 40 is was designed for the low volume shops. Typically you would find a MD 40 in a shop that produces 50 to 100 drinks a day. For what its worth the MD line is built to withstand a pretty significant beating and will far outlast a Rocky.

I would highly recommend you replace your Rocky with one of the MD line or even a Mazzer grinder.