Ready to rock! Just need the money....


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Mar 10, 2007
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Hey everyone! I posted a few months ago concerning opening up a coffee shop operated by a non-profit organization. Well, the business plan is done, the building is purchased and ready for renovations, architect and general contractor have been contacted, and proposed suppliers are planned out. We even have an experienced professional donating their services to do all our logo/website development for free.

I've projected around $100,000 for us to get our doors open. Right now we started our first fundraising project - coordinating with our future roaster, we're selling coffee and cocoa at $4 profit a bag, taking orders just like for Girl Scout cookies. At the same time we're spreading the word about our organization and coffeehouse project, hoping some wealthy philanthropists will catch on to our vision and toss some donations our way.

I attended CoffeeFest Atlanta a few weeks ago, and paid the extra bucks for the Specialty Coffee Business Seminar. I think it was well worth the investment. I gained good contacts, good resources, and sanity of mind.

So, any words of wisdom at this stage in the game? I'd appreciate any feedback at all.