Religious Stovetop Cafetiere User Needs Burr Grinder


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Mar 20, 2011
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So my fiancee and I are dedicated users of the stovetop cafetiere.

Our morning cup of coffee has been PT's Espresso Blend #34 and we're also big fans of Stumptown as well, but really liking PTs more and more,

We've been using a blade grinder.

We really really need a burr grinder and I'm seeing so many names being thrown around that I don;t know where to start. Nothing fancy, just a small, EXCELLENT, burr grinder that will allow us to gring enough for the cafetiere or the larger french press.

Price range is flexible, not looking for anything cheap and garbagy and would be happy to pay more for quality. not really looking for digital readouts etc, somthing solid, classic, etc....


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Good to hear somebody likes PT's Coffee as I sampled 5 of their coffees back in the fall and only liked 1 of them. No way would I serve the other 4 commercially. Actually couldn't finish the samples myself. I know the trend for some artisan roasters is toward brighter coffees, but IMO lemon peel should not be noticeable in espresso and it had nothing to do with the equipment/technique. I guess taste IS subjective.