request List of Sour Cofee


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Dec 5, 2009
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request List of Sour Cofee

i bought indopia bean and grind it at the store and man i was unsatisfied. too sour! i should of known! cause the bean look all white and not black like others. but i heard coffee originally comes from indipia.... so i wanted to try the coffee from its home land. taste is too sour for me. thinking to throw away the whole bag.... but dont want to waste as its like 12 dollars for a tiny bag.

so anyway i jus want to see a whole list of coffee that taste sour so that i can keep a look out cause im shopping for new coffee beans i never tried and i want to filter out the sour ones.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hi "MountainAroma"

Welcome to the Coffee Forum website.

What do you mean by sour coffee?

Were the coffee beans that you bought flavored?

You posted your message from an Internet Provider in San Diego California.

Did you buy the bad coffee beans from a local roaster?



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Jan 27, 2007
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Are you saying that the whole bag is full of white coffee beans?
White coffee beans are called "Quakers". They are underdeveloped/defective coffee beans and will not roast properly. If you spot a quaker, you should remove it before grinding. They will turn your brew sour. In a 100gram sample size of specialty coffee zero quakers are allowed.
Even the best roasters will occasionally have a quaker get by in a pound of coffee now and then. However, if there are several quakers in your bag, or the whole bag is full of them, then that is unacceptable and you should return the coffee for a full refund.
I think "white" probably refers to being under roasted, although I may be wrong. Essentially the lighter roasts of any origin are likely to be "brighter" with more perceived acidity which often could be perceived as being sour. I would say you would look for coffee being slightly darker roasts. They way to do this would be to buy direct from your local roaster. There are many in Southern California!


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Dec 1, 2009
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all the unroasted coffee beans i have ever seen have been white. Sounds like the roaster is doing large batch roasting and maybe not mixing the beans good or not roasting them long enough.