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Jul 5, 2007
Destin, FL
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Mark, who created Happy Bean Coffee had 2 succesful stores running in Miami, FL for a few years. He got tired of the day to day hassle of running a coffee shop but decided to start selling direct online. His coffee is good but what do you think about his new website?

Happy Bean Coffee


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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
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Looks good as a starter for 10, but lacking in information and coffee variety. Specifically:

1. More information on the specific coffees and blends, otherwise I assume there is a high proportion of santos/cheap coffees in them

2. More information about them as a company, the roasting, packing and shipping. I want to know i'm getting quality.

3. Is there a roast date on the pack and is that actually a valve pack or a pierced kraft paper bag? If it's the real McCoy they should make a bit more of it than they do.

4. Are the flavours natural, nature identical or artificial

All in all a site that tells me 20% of what I want to know and doesn't engage me as to the knowledge, professionalism and quality of product that's being provided....which is a shame as presumably they produce a decent product.