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Jul 20, 2004
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I'm looking into setting up our first coffee bar with in Sydney Australia. I have read lot's of material in regards to setting up a coffee to which are the best beans from around the world. I have yet to find an article on which roaster is the best roaster to use with in a retail outlet that will allow us to roast all day in small quanities. The bar / customers will have 15 to 20 different beans to choose from for the coffee so grinders also become very important. So if anyone can share some information on equipment will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
I have used many different roasters...I would suggest a 5 or 15 kilo for what you are doing...try Terry @ Ambex...they aren't very expensive and the customer service is really good! I just upgraded from a 30 to a 60 kilo and it rocks...I have another 60 kilo coming in 5 weeks...if you have any questions drop me a line.:grin:
I'd recommend contacting Diedrich Coffee Roasters. They make some awesome equipment as well. We've been super happy with their roaster along with their customer service. Super machine and super people. I highly recommend them. Their website is Call up Greg St. John when you are ready to order, he's their head technician and super helpful. Just my 2 cents.

Yo Topher...I'm back from a number of trips. Been doing a lot of flying...BOY are my arms tired :wink:
I'm sorry that I don't have an answer to your direct question, but I have one request:

I lived in Australia, specifically Sydney (Darlington area) for 4-5 months. One thing, as an American, that I was quite surprised at was at how many places served espresso and the ilk (latte, capp(oh hell I can't spell)) but only TWO places sold Drip Coffee.

Gloria Jeans

Even the Australian version of Dunkin' Donuts (donut king []) only served espresso drinks!!!

Even a greek diner in a small town only served espresso drinks!!

Is this becuase of the price of beans, in that less beans are needed for espresso? Or is it that Americans are an odd lot and just drink more Drip than any other country?
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Thanks guys

I really appreciate the information you guys supplied. And yes we have contacted both suppliers Ambex and Diedrich. We are going for a 3kilo Dierich unit, they have a supplier here in Sydney which I found was very important for parts and maintenance.
Caffe Latte wrote: Is this becuase of the price of beans, in that less beans are needed for espresso? Or is it that Americans are an odd lot and just drink more Drip than any other country?

Not really sure about that first question, I think the quantity of coffee is the same regardless of the method used for brewing.

In answer to the secong question, yes, you are an odd lot (or to put it into the vernacular - "You're a wierd mob." :p

Personally, I cannot abide by drip coffee. I always find it has a thinness to it that you don't experience with other methods (stove top, plunger, espresso).

The most common coffee-making apparatus in Australian homes would be the plunger/french press.

Finally, Melbourne's coffee culture and experience is far superior to Sydney's!

Didn't know that Oz was such a mecca for coffee...I do agree with you on the brewing methods....I have only owned one electic coffee brewer and it was given to me during the usbc...gave it away though...I do like the new vaccum brewers from Bodum....I think with Americans its give me convience or give me death! Wwell bout to throw some beans on the barbie..later mate