Roasting process - Dust prevention/elimination


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Jun 16, 2023
York, UK
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We have a vintage probat 25kg roaster on a very simple set up.

We had a floor installed above the roaster which has reduced the effectiveness of the fans in removing the dust from the atmosphere, and it now settles in the warehouse.

The main culprit for the dust appears to be the opening at the top of the hopper, which is covered with a Weather Cowl, which helps contain the dust to an extent.

We are trying to figure out the best approach to minimise the amount of dust coming out from this hole? We have considered simply covering it but then the fear is the dust would build up in the green bean hopper?

Alternatively , the other obvious option is to funnel away the dust into a container on the ground...

We are wondering if there is a specific device or set of tools which can be used to help in this scenario? Google searches haven't thrown up much help unfortunately...

Thank you in advance