Need information on MCR-1 digital and analog readings


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Apr 10, 2022
Huntsville AL
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Hi, I am getting ready to season my MCR-1 and would like to learn how to use the display readings appropriately,
and know how they might need adjusting.

With my shipment I received what seems like an installation manual called "The Manual", which does not explain the purpose, interpretation, and
adjustability of the display and controls on the MCR-1. Is there a manual available that covers these topics?

I fear there is no such reference so here are some of the question I have for the MCR-1:
  • Gas Pressure Gauge (I have converted to Propane Gas):
    • There are two blue valves that appear to relate to gas pressure: the "front valve" that affects gas gauge pressure and another on the left side "rear valve" in the back that appears to only affect pilot light gas pressure(?)
    • Youtube videos tutorials talk about setting heat like this "set to 70% heat", etc. what does that mean? I don't want to assume too much. But, can I assume that
    • when I turn the heat on and rotate the front value so that I get maximum pressure reading then that will constitute 100% heat? and therefore a 70% setting would be based on that?
    • I don't like assuming, so what exactly is the purpose and appropriate usage for the rear valve? As an engineer, I'm puzzle why a valve for the pilot flame is needed since there's a relay cutoff valve in place?
  • Digital Temperature display: Fotek NT-21:
    • I've been to the Fotek website and it does not have usage suggestions and discusses use of the meter for roasting, i.e. documentation is for OEM device integration for designers. I'm concerned that some of the setting might render it mis-configured for the MCR-1 and since there's no info on how it should be set.
    • What temperature(s) is this "temperature controller" reading? It appears from MC tutorials and the install manual there is "bean temperature" and "drum temperature" which is which on that diplay, because the 7-digit display is hard to interpret when stepping through the settings?
    • The Fotek seems to be a versatile "temperature controller", but are control functions available with it's integration in MCR-1? Can the Fotek "control" the heat/temperature?
    • Bottom line: when operating the machine how do I leverage this instrument on the MCR-1 for use during roasting?
  • Fotek Tmp60-40 Multi-timer:
    • General timer functionality should be and is intuitive but again the OEM piece that has been integrated into MCR-1 is versatile. What functions can I use? How do I use them. How does the timer relate to the buzzer, if at all? Fotek does not attempt to relate how this timer is to be used for Roasting Coffee.
    • Bottom line: when operating the machine how do I leverage this instrument on the MCR-1 for use during roasting?
  • Mystery gauge: LEFOO Gauge attached below the green bean hopper on the right side (other front?) of the MCR-1
    • This gauge appears to be pressure related but reading scale is confusing. It has an air line from below the green bean hopper drop valve to the gauge.
    • What is this gauge reading exactly--the drum chamber is not air tight so how useful would it be to measure drum pressure? It may be to measure air pressure caused by "fan Speed"?
    • When I powered up the MCR-1 to extract info for this post the display shows A-485? Where can I look this up? Is this related to the RS-485 bus, how, why???
  • Analog Temperature Gauge below green bean hopper:
    • There are references to BT, ET, and DT probes in the install manual spec area but where are these probes located exactly and how do these relate to these acronyms. I assume DT is drum temp? BT is bean temp? ET?
  • Cooling Fan control seems obvious
  • Drum Speed control seems obvious

Thanks for anyone's help.