Roasting Single Origin for espresso?


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Sep 21, 2004
Santa Clara, CA
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instead of talking about whats acceptable or reccomended why don't we taste it and see for ourselves? The ONLY thing that matters is taste.

My fav single origin espressos this week:
Tanzania Peaberry Ruvumaa
Papua New Guinea
Sumatra Gayoland
Ethiopian Sidamo natural

Single origin espresso is the purest form of coffee tasting. Try it and be awed by the beauty. We serve single origins as espresso all the time in our cafe along with blends.
S.O.S, or single origin shots, are indeed quite popular. While a single origin expresso shot(s) is not going to have the nuances of a well balanced espresso blend, it will have a number of other exciting characteristics that are well worth exploring. My favourites are SOS from Indonesian Papua and of course my Sumatran origins.


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Aug 14, 2003
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Visit site can you compete if you have a closed mind? Do you not experiment on your own....try new things just for sh*ts and giggles? You have to remember what you like doesn't mean everyone else will.
Whatever, at least I have made it in MY own buisness for at least the first year. I live in the most competitive area for coffee, I get constant kudos for my drinks and you know what? I still like a Big Mac now and then. Consistancy earns customers....sure Cup/taste for fun but keep your eyes on the CUSTOMER. Damn this is like talking to BestBuy about hometheater....
And, yeah experimentation is fun : I thought that how I got to my Christmas blend. I get the feeling that most roasters don't own both the roaster,and have retail& whosale customers. Maybe I'm too customer focused, but if you lived in the Pacific NW I hope you would be too. And, I inagine that I totaly misses the creative aspect of the org. post. Well, I have to go roast for a new resturant acct...bye for now...


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Nov 3, 2004
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I've developing a Coffee/Espresso menu for one of my larger restaraunt accounts. I have settled on 3 Single Origins for straight espresso that we are very happy with but would like to add 2 more.
I've been having alot of fun roasting and cupping single origins, any suggestions?
Thank you!


Jan 7, 2005
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Generally speaking, I don't agree with the single origin espresso, which is not really taste enough, eccept Monssoon of India or maybe few of others.

For the traditional espresso drinkers, normally the single origin espresso does not taste great. but, for the beginers of espresso drinker like Illy of Italy as of 100% arabica beans, such espresso is soft enough to be accepted, and maybe also good for some people which prefer the soft coffee drink.

Based on such understanding, we designed our coffee menu with the very famous Italian blend of Molinari as the standard espresso for the reason that there are traditional espresso drinkers in our cafe. If one like and possible, it is possible to add more choices of SINGLE OPRIGIN espresso for the people who prefer it.

It means that there is market for it, but not large.