Royal 5 Question


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Aug 8, 2008
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Hello, I''m hoping someone here can help me figure out what to do with a Royal #5 coffee roaster that i have. My Grandfather left it to me when he passed in 2001. It was working at the time (he used it as a peanut roaster) and in great shape but has been sitting since then. Now it looks as though it could use some TLC to bring her back. Can anyone tell me how I would find out what it is worth, if there is a market for it and then how I would actually go about selling it? I can''t imagine that it''s possible to even ship it but maybe someone could correct me there.
I hate to part with it but I''m planning to give any funds raised to the leukemia/lymphoma society in his memory so I think he would understand.
TIA for any help. I really appreciate it.