Saeco Incanto S-Class De Luxe pressure issues


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Aug 3, 2023
Seminole FL
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First post here! Long time drinker. I own a once-refurbished Incanto that has around 9700 cups brewed. First, it started leaking. Replacing the brew unit o-rings didn't help. The gray plastic device where the coffee comes out of the tiny straw was the culprit but you can't buy that separately by part number. However, another Gaggia part looks identical, and ordered one from Bulgaria, and leaks howe stopped.

Next issue was amount of coffee brewed on regular (large) was less than the small selection. Some light research suggested the Ulka EP5 was the culprit. Replaced that today-and still same issue. I ordered the Safety overpressure valve device (circled in red) and hopefully that will help.

My question to you all is: am I chasing the wrong thing? Is there something else I should look at instead?


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