Saeco...repost...more a question if good prices/which one?


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Jan 3, 2007
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Our local hardware store has 2 floor models that seem to be really inexpensively priced. All their housewares are 50% off (they are eliminating this department) One is a Saeco Magic Comfort + for $455 and the other is a Saeco Spresso for $420.

I've read some other posts re: potential reliability of these, etc. I don't consider myself a coffee conniseur (nor a good speller :oops:). But I currently have a $25 "espresso" maker that my son dropped yesterday while climbing on the counter...a whole other story.

My husband does not like coffee but he may be persuaded to let me buy one. Which one would you suggest, if any? Realistically I'm not going to spend more than this (and really don't want to spend this, but I'm hoping it will be good coffee).

Thank you VERY much for your comments. Hopefully swiftly since I want to get one (perhaps) before someone else finds them.