Saeco SuperAutomatica Family won't produce steam - help!?


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Nov 19, 2006
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Hello - long time lurker, first time poster. I own a Saeco SuperAutomatica Family Extra machine that will not produce steam, and I would like to know if there are any ideas as to what might be wrong.
Here are the symptoms:

1) Turning the knob for steam produces a fairly loud pump noise and three streams of hot water from the steam wand.

2) Requesting a strong cup of espresso produces a regular cup of coffee (this, i am guessing is due to the lack of steam?)

Any suggestions on how to fix this or info on what might be wrong would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty handy and willing to tinker, so please do not be shy if repairing or diagnosing has something to do with going into the guts of the machine.

Thanks much for reading...