Sage Barista Express steamring keeps breaking

Hi all!

I have a Sage Barista Express that I’ve used for 1,5 years without problems.

One day, when taking off the portafilter a piece of rubber fell down. After this coffee leaked passed the portafilter, resulting in a big mess and undrinkable coffee.

After some searching it turned out to be a broken steamring. I ordered two new ones from the Sage website just in case it would break again.

The replacement was easy with a Youtube tutorial.

The new one broke again after two cups of coffee.

Luckely I had another one. This one is now also broken after about 20 cups.

It seems like the steamring comes down a bit on one side. Maybe because of pressure? Or am I doing something else wrong?

I’ve attached a picture for reference.

Any tips or advice?