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Sep 22, 2008
Izmir - Turkey
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[quote:a394fd2da5=\"grappa330\"]seriously looking for a sample roaster. any leads on used probatino? other machines?[/quote:a394fd2da5]

We recommend Garanti Junior Roasters for small batches

GJK Junior Coffee Roasting Machine

Height:74 cm Depth: 40cm Widht:50 cm
Wieght: 50kg.

Electric: 4 kilo per an hour
Gas:6 kilo per an hour

-Voltages: 110-220-380 Volts, 50-60Hz, 1-3 Phase are available regarding to costumer preference

Electric Heating:2600 WATTS
Gas Heating: LPG /NG

-BTU : 10000BTU

-Roasting Time:
Electric : 15 min. per batch
Gas: 10 min per batch

-Standard Features:

* Stainless Steel of body is standard
* Sampler and glass peephole
* Digital Temperature Control
* Separate high efficiency chaff collector.
* Simultaneous roasting and cooling
* High capacity suction fan for cooling.
* Installation, start up and user manual
* Color options for body, cooler and chaff collector: Bright red, black, british racing green