San Franciscan SF-1 Roaster For Sale


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Jun 1, 2022
Las Vegas
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Hi all.

I have a beautiful SF-1 roaster that I am needing to sell. It is in New condition and never used - 2021 model.

Unfortunately I am leaving the country and cannot take it with me. I never got an opportunity to fire it up. I ordered it back in May last year and due to the chip shortage I didn't receive it until December. Unfortunately my circumstances have drastically changed since I placed the order, I am sad to have to sell it but I have no other choice.

Local pickup from Henderson, Nevada or message me to try and arrange a delivery option (200lb crate). It is ready to go, boxed back up in its crate.
The roaster is setup for propane. It is available immediately at the best price of 9320 USD. I guarantee you will never find a brand new SF1 roaster priced this low again!
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