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Feb 20, 2007
San Marcos, TX
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Hey everyone, I''d like to start off by saying I am new to this forum and introduce myself.
My name is CJ, I''ve been a barista/coffee enthusiast for more than 4 years now, and I want to get into the roasting side of the coffee world.

I am strongly interested in the process and involvement of coffee roasting, and yet I am almost clueless as to where to start on my adventuring of learning everything I possibly can about the different stages of roasting.

I will be moving to san francisco in about 6 months and want to try to find a job with a roaster when I move out there. I am looking for reccomendations on respectable roasteries in that area, since I am virtuously clueless. I do have some experience and background knowledge with wholesale coffee roasting. I worked for a roaster based out of houston for close to a year, but only as a sales rep. I''m not interested in sales, I''m insterested in roasting.

Any tips of any sort will be helpful to me and I appreciate all information that you are willing to share about a being a beginner roaster.