San Francisco's Ocean Beach hopeful site for coffeeshop


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Oct 6, 2004
San Francisco
I'm interested in opening a new coffee shop along San Francisco's Ocean Beach. However, the site that had the most absolute visibility, foot and vehicle traffic, an already established parking lot and had direct access to the beach is not currently a commercial space. The only thing there right now is a public bathroom and a parking lot. I know it's a complete, complete longshot, but I'm envisioning constructing a coffeeshop on the roof of that structure so that it will have the most awesome ocean view and most easiest means of accessibility to and from both the beach and the main thoroughfare. I recently found out that property is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. My question is, how and who do I go about contacting to see if this spot is even a negotiable option for a commercial business? Any thoughts?


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Sep 18, 2004
Well, I don't know anything about San Francisco (I've never been west of Toronto), but I'd say try to contact the "Golden Gate National Recreation Area" first. It might be in the blue pages?