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Mar 15, 2006
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There's a guy on the north end of Lake Union that roasts some excellent high test. I can't think of the shop name but it's one block due north ofGas Works Park......


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Aug 14, 2003
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Le Crema...I was wondering why you changed your name from NW java to Le crema..... :roll: there are a lot of roasters in Seattle...drop coffee guy a pm and also try Zoka....both are top notch!
Yeah I did change to " La Crema Coffee Roasters L.L.C." And I'm still a small premere roaster that has multiple drive thrus, accounts and distribution of some premere espresso/coffee equipment. As aI a say " from Beans to Machines, I have you covered"

Toper, thanks for asking :)

Also. La Crema refers to the " cream of the crop" NW JAVA is a strong name: But La Crema is de la creme....

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