Seeking Advice from Coffee Shop Owners


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May 12, 2024
Seattle, WA
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I'm encountering difficulties reaching out to coffee shop owners to introduce my product. I'm eager to showcase it and gather feedback from owners to understand if it aligns with their interests and how I can enhance it. Despite trying different approaches like visiting in person, leaving business cards, and using their website's 'Contact Us' option, I haven't been successful in making contact. Recognizing that each owner may prefer different communication methods, I'm reaching out here to seek advice from industry professionals on effective ways to connect with coffee shop owners. Thank you!
You can find a way to assist Coffee Shop owners and provide barista jams and other helpful ways to do card processing menu development, employee management and different topics that the Coffee Shop owners. Teach Latte Art class and give something to the owner to get them to connect with you
As a 20 year owner, there are a lot of sales people who fail before they arrive.

There are a few who are awesome.

If you are local, then be a customer first. Visit my shop. Understand what we do and if your item is a fit for us.

Never walk in and pitch your product unsolicited.

If you don't have an interest in supporting my shop, then I have no interest in your product.

Be thoughtful. Be strategic.

And if you email. Only do so after understanding what it is we do and address the owner or shop manager by name.

It's very evident when it's a shotgun approach.

Also have real social proof.

If you pique my interest, I will ask for examples your product benefitting businesses that are similar to mine.

I expect that you have them before you even query me.

Again, this goes to doing your due diligence, and being thoughtful in your approach.

There are many good approaches. It's unfortunate that only a tiny fraction uses them.

Also, I can be bribed with pastries or whisky... just sayin.

That's my take.

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