Selling: Probat Three Barrel Sample Roaster


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Feb 14, 2006
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We are selling a refurbished Probat BR3 Roaster. This roaster was a lot of fun to rebuild. We imported this roaster from Europe, then decided what to modify to make it the perfect machine for any cupping lab. The pictures show the current state.

  • We added a new natural gas burner system that has gas monitoring gauges on each burner to provide consistent roasts, we added ribbon burners for even flame and turn down, we have brass needle valves for very fine adjustment.
  • The barrels all have temperature monitoring thermocouples and read outs, we custom machined brackets out of aluminum to hold the thermocouples on the drum face, and routed the ss wrapped cables away from all rotating parts.
  • We added a new fan and damper, so the user can control the air flow of the machine.
  • The drums are controlled with a three phase gear motor and vfd, you can control drum speed with this.
  • The idea was to make the roaster have high airflow, lots of horsepower, and enough ways to simply monitor the roast.
  • At the end, the roaster was painted in high temp paint and safety guards installed to prevent any missing appendages.
  • The roaster also has an LED roasting light, so you can clearly tell how far along the roasted bean is, spots for recipe cards, and a metal cabinet for mounting magnetic timers.

The roaster has been fully tested, and we made a simple video to demonstrate it works. We hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions about how we modified the roaster please ask.

Ready for sale from our Middleton, WI shop. Please message any inquiries, or offers.

-Roaster Guy

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