Selling whole bean vs ground coffee



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I am selling whole bean coffee, supplied by a company that roasts wonderful beans, and packs it fresh and seals the bags. Whole beans. They send it to my office for distribution and labeling. If a customer then asks me to grind it for them, I would have to open the bag, and drop the beans through a grinder but the bag would no longer be factory sealed.

Is that acceptable or what?????


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Sep 9, 2008
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Hi Lisa,

We buy our beans in 5 lb bags and repackage as per the customers request. If you are self labeling anyway all you would really need are the bags and a clamshell or impulse/double impulse sealer. You might even get a price break on 5 pound bags from your roaster.


Thanks for this advice and it is excellent. I do not have the volume yet to keep these 5 pounders fresh on demand. I can certainly see this coming in the future, hopefully sooner than later!

My company is so new I have to rely on my supplier for now. I have decided to sell whole beans only, ensuring customers get the freshest product possible. I have a good grinder for samples and office use.

Thanks so much. This forum is great.