Sending Barista to Bogota for the World Barista Championship


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Feb 20, 2011
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Not sure if you guys have heard of this world competition. It's insane! Thought I should share this with all coffee geek in this forum.

This natural sweetener company (very new) called Natvia is sending a barista and a friend to Bogota, Colombia for the World Barista Championship. I saw this promotion when i was attending the Australia Barista Champ back in January. I am not a barista myself but i got my barista friend to register (I plan to tag along if he wins).

If there's any baristas or if you know any baristas out there that would be interested to go to Bogota, give it a try. You only need to register your name and upload your profile and photo at the website ( get your friends to vote for you. Basically the highest votes wins!

All paid for trip to Colombia, what else can you wish for!


Nov 12, 2008
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I've been in Bogota and I am not sure that I like it but who can refuse a free trip.

Because it is so high up, it is often cloudy and always cool. It took about 3 days for my body to adjust as your legs feel like cement.

When flying out, make sure you are buckled up as sometimes that down draft not only scares the crap out of you but can also bounce you off the ceiling. I've been caught in that down draft and thank gawd I was buckled. I've also never seen so many people cross themselves after the plane settled.

btw...thanks for the link and does any barista want to be my new best friend ?