Silver Round Aluminium Seamless Tin Container to store pre-dosed beans


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Aug 4, 2022
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Good day y'all,

I ordered a box of these beauties for use in the café, after a friend of mine in the UK recommended them.

We can squeeze 23 grams of Decaf espresso beans inside on of these tinnies. 16 grams for filter coffee is no problem of course. Really smoothes up the workflow not having to weigh out every decaf shot as we go. The seal is good. You can feel the lid suck onto the body of the tin.

I paid 0,6413 eurocents for each of these. We only ended up using 12 of them, and I sold a bunch to folks over here in Holland. I've got 10 left to find a home for.

Asking 0,6413 * 10 = 6,42 plus cost of shipping.

See pics below.

Happy brewing!


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