single cup brewing with an espresso machine?

Would you use your espresso machine to replace drip coffee?

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Aug 5, 2005
Sebewaing, MI
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Any feelings about using your espresso machine to brew single cups of coffee? By this I am thinking would you replace say your drip brewed Ethiopian harrar with an americano using single varietal beans? Pro's and Con's? Is this what they do in Europe to make "american" coffee?
here in estonia (east of europe) we are brewing our singel cups of coffee with espressomachine not in the way as americano is made. we use other gringer for regular coffee (be it what ever: guatemala tres marias oriente, brasil fasźenda lagoa, ethiopia yirgasheffe, etc.) and the grind particle size is coarser than espresso. actually that coars that a brewing water would run throught the grounds in espressomachine in 20-30 sec. that way the taste of single origin coffee is much intensier, and stronger. coffee is cowered with thick layer of crema. we use 150-180 ml cups. its just different than filtrdrip method as is french press.