sirocco coffee roaster


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Feb 10, 2009
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I have one of the old original sirocco coffee roasters. It worked really well, but I had to stop drinking coffee for a few years for medical reasons. I know; it sucks. When I got back to coffee again, I found that the chaff collecting paper was no longer available, and the rubber or silicone gasket was no longer pliable enough to work. I could use it again if I could find those parts.

Or, I can sell it to someone who needs the main parts or can fabricate the filter and gasket. I'm told that some people have made a permanent filter out of fine mesh screen. Probably someone with a little skill and access to materials can make a duplicate gasket.

It roasted coffee very well. I've seen it referred to on the internet as the best home machine ever.

My current roaster is really noisy, and it fills the house with a less than appealing scent of roasting coffee. So, I have to use it outdoors in nice weather.