Sivetz 12 lb electric roaster, includes SS chaff cyclone (on stand) with blower.


Jun 9, 2016
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Hello everyone. It's your friendly used Sivetz Roaster refurbisher/distributor with a unit that needs NO REFURBISHING.

This is a very compact set-up. If you wished you could put it all in a 4' x 4' floor space with a standard 8' ceiling! The chaff cyclone inlet serves as the over-the-roast chamber exhaust hood. You can duct any direction you like out the cyclone top and power it with the included motor/pressure blower.

Controls are all on a single floor-standing stalk, which is made to (optionally) bolt to the floor. The roaster is 240V and the cyclone blower can be run on either 120V or 240V.

This is a true Production Roaster that has powered the growth of many roasteries around the world. 14 lbs of green in should equal over 11.5 lbs of roasted coffee per batch. Depending upon your work flow you should be able to get an EASY 4 roasts per hour and an optimized 6 roasts per hour. If you do the math, that's 46 lbs to 69 lbs per HOUR. At $1/oz producing $736 (retail) roasted per hour MINIMUM. You can see how quickly a real production roaster can pay for itself.

Willing to palletize for freight shipment to the U.S. (Canada, let's discuss.) I have a local freight broker that can provide multiple freight quotes for you.
Asking $10.5K for the complete roasting set-up. F.O.B. Alda, Nebraska. Roasting training and guidance is available/possible (if needed). Complete original documentation is included.

Pictures to be added shortly (or message me for them).