SM LISA 2GR AUTO RAISED HEAD- is it the way to go?


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Jun 1, 2010
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Hey There guys, I will be opening a new Bar/Brasserie in October of this year. I am on the hunt for an Ideal machine. Ihe ben my district finding a great coffee is hard, So I need a machine that will complement the coffee and the skills of a good barista. So far I have been quoted $7331.50 for a SM LISA 2 GR AUTO RAISED HEAD & EUREKA MONDIAL 20KG GRINDER. I was told this ia one of the best but I honestly wouldn't know. With all of your experience and knowledge- would this be a good buy?

Thanks in advance Grace
For those who dont know this is an Aussie poster, so $ is A$, not US$! SM I am guessing you are refering to San Marino? A 2 group,auto at this price including a grinder is a good deal. We sell the same in indonesia and NZ- more in Indo, a little less pricewise in kiwi land. Re coffee...I would avoid the grinders, Vittoria, Lavazza etc and try and go for something a wee bit more exotic. Have a browse around and see what u can find . Good luck! :)