Smooth coffee


Dec 12, 2020
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Between cappucino, espresso, latte, macchiato, ect... which coffee with cream or milk being prepared by some really fancy and expensive coffee machine will give the smoothest taste? What i mean by smooth is that its the least harsh on ones stomach. Its the least acidic tasting in our mouth. Which coffee with cream will be the smoothest tasting for our taste buds?
smoothest taste is not depends on "milk" as long as they use normal milk, not soy milk, almond milk or non fat milk...etc. However, the "mouth-feel" that you get from Flat white vs bit watery latte comes from the temperature of the milk preparation and especially the skills of the barista. Normally, I stay away from these type of coffees in our city mainly because there are very few baristas who are qualified to make the good ones. I just don't want to throw away $7 Flat white with just a sip that makes me cringe,
The smoothest coffee is made with lighter roast, so this is going to seem odd but you need to add salt.

The ratio a quarter tablespoon of salt to every six tablespoons of coffee, which you can calculate to adjust from there depending on how much coffee you're using, then mix the two up really well and then brew the coffee like normal. I do this sometimes when I make Turkish coffee, but it will work with any coffee.