SOLD: 2016 Mill City 500 Roaster

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Dec 10, 2019
2016 Mill City 500 Roaster

I am looking to upgrade to a 1 kg, so I am putting this 500 gram roaster for sale.

Struggling to get more pictures to upload, so please see them here:

I received this in a trade for a commercial espresso machine and grinder that I refurbished, but have been using a Huky 500 and realize that I am definitely in need of a larger roaster. The previous owner purchased a coffee shop and had no interest in roasting, so he immediately had the roaster disassembled and is purchasing beans from local shops rather than roasting himself.

Chaff collector, phidget, probes, cooling tray, step up transformer, etc are included, but I do not have any venting for it. It is currently set up for NG, but I do have the propane orifices for it and will include them in the sale.

This beauty is in great condition overall, and I am sad to see it go. If I hadn't started getting requests from friends and family, I would keep it, but I am ready to upgrade and have the ability to roast larger batches!

I live in Golden, CO. I'm happy to drive to meet you within an hour or so, but can also ship at your expense. Guessing freight will be somewhere around $300, but I will get quotes if you need it shipped to you.

$3,500 + shipping at your cost


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